Sauna Bathroom Nardos

Construction and Design Project: Comprehensive Bathroom Renovation with Finnish Sauna in Los Pacos, Fuengirola.

Project Overview

We present the comprehensive renovation of a bathroom with a Finnish sauna, where we have created a modern and high-quality space. We worked closely with our Finnish client in Los Pacos, Fuengirola, to ensure that the design and finishes suit their tastes and needs.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the interior design and used renders to visualize how the final project would look. The goal was to achieve the desired functionality and practicality in every corner of the bathroom.

Incorporating a Finnish sauna into the design provides our clients with a space for relaxation and well-being in their own home. The modern style is combined with high-quality finishes to create a sophisticated and cozy ambiance.

This construction and design project highlights our expertise in bathroom renovations in Fuengirola, specifically in the Los Pacos area. We take pride in meeting the expectations of our Finnish client and creating a unique and personalized space for them.

In our web portfolio, you can find detailed photographs of similar renovation projects, where you can appreciate the transformation of the bathroom and the addition of the Finnish sauna. Our aim is to inspire other clients and demonstrate our ability to deliver high-quality projects tailored to the individual preferences of each client.

Proconstruction Services

  • Comprehensive bathroom renovations with modern and high-quality finishes.
  • New construction of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Interior design and space planning services.
  • Structural analysis and repairs.
  • Installation and maintenance of Finnish saunas.
  • Thorough analysis of interior design and visualization through renders.
  • Customized design and adaptation to client’s preferences and needs.
  • Incorporation of functional and practical features in every corner of the space.
  • Expertise in bathroom renovations in Fuengirola, specifically in the Los Pacos area.
  • Personalized and tailored projects to meet individual client preferences.