Comprehensive Pool Renovation

Comprehensive Renovation of Pool and Garden in Los Pacos, Fuengirola

Pool and Garden Project Overview

In our web portfolio, we take pride in presenting an exciting construction and design project focused on the renovation of a pool, with keywords related to pool renovations, salt chlorination, Fuengirola, Los Pacos, bathroom remodeling, and Finnish clients.

This project involved creating a new pool while maintaining the base of the old pool, along with the rehabilitation of the staircase and the garden. We utilized advanced technology to create a 3D project and renders, allowing for a realistic visualization of the final design of the pool and garden.

Our focus leads us to highlight relevant aspects for users interested in pool renovations in Fuengirola. During the renovation, various improvements were carried out, such as the decoration of channelized stones for rainwater drainage from the house, the installation of a renewed descent staircase, a new terrace flooring, and tiling of the pool.

Furthermore, we implemented pool machinery with salt chlorination, an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for pool water treatment. This ensures a healthier bathing experience and reduces the need for traditional chemical products.

Regarding the garden, we created a flat paved base with a decorative cloud-shaped design, establishing a charming and relaxing ambiance for outdoor stays. Taking into consideration the needs and preferences of our Finnish clients, we designed a space that combines functionality and beauty, making the most of the natural surroundings.

Our study of garden and practicality allowed us to create a harmonious space where each element integrates in a balanced manner. The choice of channelized stones for rainwater drainage not only fulfills its practical function but also adds an aesthetic touch to the environment.

The renewed descent staircase offers safe and comfortable access to the pool, while the new terrace flooring provides an elegant and durable surface for outdoor enjoyment. The tiling of the pool not only enhances its appearance but also contributes to its durability and ease of maintenance.

The incorporation of pool machinery with salt chlorination is a prominent feature in this project. In addition to offering a healthier bathing experience for users, this technology reduces reliance on harsh chemical products, benefiting both people’s health and the environment.

Proconstruction Services

  • Comprehensive pool renovation and design.
  • Creation of a new pool while retaining the base of the old pool.
  • Rehabilitation and renovation of the staircase.
  • Garden remodeling and design.
  • Advanced 3D project visualization and renders.
  • Installation of pool machinery with salt chlorination.
  • Decorative stone channelization for rainwater drainage.
  • Installation of new terrace flooring.
  • Tiling and waterproofing of the pool.
  • Integration of functionality and aesthetics in the design.