Terrace Bathroom Nardos

Impressive transformation: Integrated terrace into a complete neoclassical bathroom, maximizing space with gable roof, marble, and golden fixtures.

Project Overview

In our latest construction and design project, we have carried out an impressive transformation by integrating a part of the terrace and turning it into a complete bathroom. Our focus was to maximize the space’s performance by using a gable roof to make the most of the available area.

Before starting the construction, we ensured that the design met the client’s expectations and needs. To achieve this, we created realistic renders that allowed visualizing the functionality of the space and adapting it to the client’s personal preferences.

The client had a clear vision for their bathroom: they wanted a bathtub and a shower, and a style that combined modern and classic elements, in a neoclassical approach. We opted to use high-quality materials such as marble and fixtures with golden details to add a touch of elegance. Furthermore, the use of organic shapes and round curves was emphasized to create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

Given that the available space was relatively small, we took additional measures to enhance the sense of spaciousness. Transparent glass doors were chosen, allowing light to flow freely and create a greater feeling of space. Additionally, intelligent storage solutions were implemented to optimize the use of the available space.

This comprehensive bathroom renovation project was carried out in the Los Pacos area of Fuengirola, for one of our valued Finnish clients. We are proud to have met their expectations and created a functional and aesthetically appealing space that reflects their personal preferences.

In our web portfolio, you will find detailed images of this project, showcasing the transformation of the terrace into an impressive neoclassical bathroom. Our goal is to inspire future clients and demonstrate our ability to deliver exceptional results in every project we undertake.

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