Integral Refurbishment La Tribuna

Complete renovation project in Fuengirola, La Tribuna, successfully transforms a townhouse into a functional and aesthetically appealing home, focusing on energy efficiency and incorporating modern and traditional design elements.

Modern Boho style Renovation

Comprehensive Renovation Project in Fuengirola, La Tribuna: Construction, Renovation, and Design In our comprehensive renovation project in Fuengirola, La Tribuna, we faced the challenge of transforming an entire townhouse, including bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and patio, to create a functional and aesthetically appealing space.

With the goal of achieving a healthy and eco-friendly renovation, we focused on energy efficiency, design, and the incorporation of sustainable elements. We began the process with interior demolition, followed by the renovation and upgrading of the electrical and plumbing systems throughout the house. Additionally, we carried out the replacement of all floors, opting for a heated flooring system that provides a comfortable environment, along with a centralized ventilation system to ensure optimal air quality throughout the house. As part of our energy efficiency strategy, we incorporated lighting and home automation systems, as well as the installation of high-speed internet, television, and alarm systems.


To visually present our project in an impactful way, we created a 3D presentation with realistic renders, including furniture to calculate the necessary pre-installations. We drew inspiration from a modern style with boho and Ibiza influences, adapted to the Mediterranean climate. We used a blend of modern and rustic elements, highlighting wood and the incorporation of Andalusian tiles in the design. Furthermore, we implemented underfloor heating solutions, cross-ventilation, and high standards of energy efficiency to maximize comfort and minimize consumption.

In the living room, we carried out a comprehensive remodeling, renovating both the walls and the windows and lighting. In the kitchen, we created a space that merges modernity with tradition, featuring state-of-the-art appliances and a side island that also functions as a breakfast bar. On the terrace, we designed a new floor and added gardening elements, outdoor lighting, pergolas, and built-in countertops to create a cozy and relaxing outdoor space.

The bathrooms were renovated with a modern approach, using contemporary furniture and bathtubs, combining traditional tiles with wood-effect floors and underfloor heating. Additionally, we installed smart mirrors with built-in lighting.

One of the most important aspects of the project was the study of brightness and window openings. We installed high-quality sliding windows with Climalit thermal insulation to improve energy efficiency and make the most of natural light. This is complemented by a modern interior design that utilizes open spaces to create a sense of spaciousness and brightness throughout the house.

To ensure sustainability and health in the home, we used eco-friendly paint throughout the house and healthy lime mortars. Additionally, we implemented a smart lighting system and made sure to recycle all construction materials and minimize water usage.

As for the interior design, we collaborated with the client, who is an interior designer from Finland. Together, we created a unique and welcoming atmosphere, using wallpaper in various rooms to add texture and style.

The final result of our comprehensive renovation project in Fuengirola, La Tribuna, is a renewed, functional, and aesthetically appealing home. Every detail has been carefully considered, from energy efficiency to the incorporation of design elements inspired by boho, Ibiza, and modern styles. The project photographs were taken by Teemu Laitinen, who exceptionally captured the beauty and details of our work.

In summary, this comprehensive renovation project stands out for its focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, modern design, and the integration of traditional elements. Fuengirola, La Tribuna, now boasts a renovated home that is tailored to the needs and preferences of its owners, with a unique style that combines contemporary, rustic, and Mediterranean elements.

Proconstruction Services

  • Complete renovation of a townhouse in Fuengirola, La Tribuna.
  • Transformation of bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and patio.
  • Emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Installation of heated floors and centralized ventilation system.
  • Incorporation of lighting, home automation, and high-speed internet.
  • Modern design with boho and Ibiza influences, adapted to the Mediterranean climate.
  • Integration of modern and rustic elements, featuring wood and Andalusian tiles.
  • Implementation of underfloor heating, cross-ventilation, and energy-efficient solutions.
  • Remodeling of living room, kitchen, and terrace for enhanced functionality.
  • Collaboration with an interior designer to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere.