Pueblo Evita Integral Renovation

Integral renovation project in Pueblo Evita, Benalmadena, carried out by Matias Calle, TAM and Santala Design, focusing on energy efficiency, modern design, and eco-friendly materials to maximize resale value.

Integral Renovation Project

We proudly present a comprehensive construction, renovation, and design project aimed at maximizing efficiency, sustainability, and healthy living. Partnering with Santala Design, this project was strategically planned for future resale and rental.

The project begins with a 3D presentation, showcasing detailed renders and furniture placement to calculate pre-installations. A modern and Boho style was carefully selected, tailored to the Mediterranean climate. Key elements include underfloor heating, cross-ventilation, and high-efficiency systems to optimize energy performance.

In the general living areas, closed spaces were demolished while retaining load-bearing walls to create spacious open-plan environments. The addition of a traditional fireplace brings warmth and character, complemented by sliding glass doors that connect seamlessly to the terrace.

The kitchen underwent a transformation, integrating it with the living room to create an inviting, American-style open kitchen. High-efficiency appliances were carefully selected and strategically redistributed for improved usability. Push-to-open cabinets with automatic spring mechanisms enhance convenience. See before and after photos of the kitchen to appreciate the remarkable changes.

The terrace was rejuvenated with a new floor, landscaped gardens, and exterior lighting. Pergolas and built-in countertops enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space. An extensive study of natural light and window openings led to the installation of high-insulation double-glazed windows, ensuring energy efficiency.

The modern design features open spaces that foster a sense of connectivity throughout the home. Use of high quality materiales such as Witka Wood Attention was given to the investment aspect, incorporating exterior pergolas, garden planters, and comfortable built-in seating with an Ibiza-inspired Boho chic style. A barbecue area and embedded countertops add functionality and style to outdoor entertaining.

To promote ecological sustainability, all materials were recycled and sent to recycling plants, minimizing waste. Water usage was minimized, and eco-friendly, health paints and lime mortars were used throughout the house. The project also implemented intelligent lighting systems, maximizing energy efficiency.

In summary, this construction, renovation, and design project in Fuengirola, Los Pacos showcases a holistic approach to a complete reform. It combines Santala Design’s expertise with a focus on energy efficiency, ecological sustainability, and healthy living. The integration of modern and Boho styles, along with the strategic use of space, has transformed the property into a highly desirable and marketable investment opportunity. The project’s commitment to environmental responsibility, through recycling and water conservation, further emphasizes its dedication to creating a sustainable living environment.

This project has been presented in Finish home fair and won several prices for its modernity and design.  Clients have liked it very much and it is already booked until end summer for holiday rentals by Costala.fi

Proconstruction Services

  • Complete house renovation with open spaces and retention of load-bearing walls.
  • Addition of a traditional fireplace and sliding glass doors in the living room.
  • Creation of an integrated American-style kitchen with efficient appliances and improved functionality.
  • Terrace renovation with new flooring, landscaping, lighting, and built-in countertops.
  • Study of natural light and installation of high-insulation windows for energy efficiency.
  • Modern design with open spaces and a Boho chic style.
  • Integration of exterior features such as pergolas, Ibiza-style built-in seating, and a barbecue area.
  • Use of eco-friendly paint and healthy lime mortars throughout the house.
  • Implementation of intelligent lighting and a focus on ecology and material recycling.
  • Minimization of water usage and emphasis on energy efficiency for a sustainable and eco-friendly renovation.